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    Every success story started with a DREAM!

    ‘Dream’ produced by VAS LEON

    Taken from the LP ‘KROSSOVER’ : http://vasleon.com/ || http://krossoverLP.com

    Twitter: http://twitter.com/thisisvasleon

    Facebook: http://facebook.com/thisisvasleon

    Lyrics [From Rap Genius] http://genius.com/Vas-leon-dream-lyrics:

  • Lyrics

    [Verse 1: VAS LEON]
    Sitting in this chair like where my life go?
    I feel drained like the love been lipoed
    Ain't opened up since I knew that they closed the coffin
    They say depression hits hard when a life goes
    And when the light goes
    With tears you might drown
    Said if you can't stand the truth then lie down
    I've been dealing with demons on my own
    Swimming in a pool of brandy but only pain would afloat
    Didn't fit in so everyone would frown when I come
    Only earnt 200 pounds every month
    I looked like a clown with a dream
    Tryna be a millionaire and buy two houses for mum
    Losing weight without a diet plan
    Used to be fat tony now they're asking where the iron man
    I look into the mirror and I cry for help
    A compass in my left hand but I can't find myself
    I have a dream
    But is it all in reach?
    ‘Cause all that I see, Is so much deceit I just want them to
    I have a dream
    But we aren’t the same
    I close my eyes I put my hands together
    I’m just praying for change
    I’m praying for change
    For change, for change
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