Born and raised in the UK, singer, rapper, and producer – VAS LEON grew up listening to the likes of Stevie Wonder and Michael Jackson; of whom he says is his biggest musical influence.

From a young age, VAS learned to play several instruments, and as a teenager found a profound connection and love for poetry. This inevitably lead to the spark that was to ignite his musical career.

After his time in university, VAS made the decision to peruse his music career at full force – fast gaining media exposure that lead to sharing stages with the likes of Stormzy, Sway, JME, Bluey Robinson, Fuse ODG, Che Lingo, Kojey Radical, WSTRN and Ms Dynamite. From here VAS strengthened his graft and went on to being featured on Nike as well as gain commercial success working with brands such as ShakeTastic, Ultimate Ears, & later Offspring, Patta and Converse. 

After being introduced to artist, DJ and producer Jeffrey ‘Disatronaut’, at his resident venue Dogstar, Brixton; VAS hosted and headlined a sell out event with the support of Jeff, where he then caught the eye of legendary record producer and DJ Arthur Baker.

Whilst working with Arthur, VAS went on to travel with him taking his musical journey to the next level. VAS then shared the stage with the likes of DJ Fresh and Ella Eyre whilst touring supporting Grammy award winning Fat Boy Slim at venues such as the Brixton o2 and The Warehouse Project Festival, gaining further exposure and momentum. 

VAS LEON came to release his long anticipated debut release Krossover – an outstanding self produced body of work that creates an undeniable sound and collection of tracks relating to a universal audience. Krossover debuted at no. 14 in the UK Hip Hop charts.

He then went on to release his project “Stages” which took the world by storm containing his hit ‘Nah Nah’ which received over 100k views within its first week. It was no surprise that this release reached the top 10 of the rap charts. 

VAS LEON took his already unconventional approach to rapping to an entire new level with his project ‘W.O.K.E.’, introducing witty and intelligent punchlines, contrasted beautifully with emotion and darkness. This was followed up to the prequel entitled “SPOKE” and both of these EPs released charted top 5 in rap.

VAS chose to never take his foot off the pedal and in 2021 he produced, recorded and released a brand new track every 2 weeks for the entire year highlighting many topics such as the struggles of mental health in a sensitive yet brutally honest manner. This lead to another solo produced album “Therapy”, which charted in the top 5 of the Rap chart in 2022.

The following year VAS released ‘Clean Slate’ as a statement that he is wiping ‘the game’ and everything clean, taking it back to the passion and love. This release featured a guest appearance production from France’s Max Season, and also added another album that collected a position in the top 5 of the Rap Chart in early 2023. Despite his high-charting release receiving plaudits for his great production, wordplay and honesty, VAS believed he should take his fans on a journey further back where peaceful poetry was written. Using his vocal chords to express his thoughts and feelings through melodies and different vocal ranges VAS created the self produced “Plan Joy”.

With “Plan Joy” the unique sound of his voice and flow carries you through from start to finish, in what is nothing less than a beautiful and thought provoking work of art. Before release, due to its anticipation, VAS received over 100K plays on Spotify alone for the singles leading to it going live. Although a project like no other, this too has a ‘message’ as always. This release of honesty along with catchy hooks and punchlines will captivate your emotions on every level, whether happy or sad, but leave you feeling liberated at the end of the journey. 

VAS LEON has truly come into his own and honed in on his craft and creative talents. He brings his own unheard of transatlantic flare to the urban and pop music industry with a unique cadence that is adaptive to every mood.

Truly a storyteller in a class of his own, he is bound to take the world by storm and solidify his status as an undisputed household name. Not just in music. But in your hearts.