“BEAT UP” – V.A.S. – Jillboard

This one’s for all you jerks out there. I mean people who “jerk”, but if you’re a real jerk and want to listen too then go for it! This multi-talented upcoming rapper, singer, and producer has a fresh, funky style. Also he’s British, mates! He wears “glah-ses”, not glasses. Who doesn’t love British people? Anyway, check out this fun, jerky, hip hop jam from across the pond. And yes, Jillboard-mania (too soon?) has reached the UK, with artists like V.A.S. and LectroLips hitting me up with their music. Cooool!

CHECK THE ARTICLE HERE: https://jillboardtop100.wordpress.com/2010/08/24/beat-up-v-a-s/

‘Throwback article’

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