Patta x Converse One Star Pro ‘4 Leaf Clover’

It is the scarcity of the four-leaf clover that makes it a novelty. Symbolising fortune, the four-leaf clover is just as rare as the talent that graces the world. As part of Patta and Converse’s latest collaboration, front lined by R&B/soul artist Erykah Badu who equally embodies and nurtures talent, the One Star takes on a new look inspired by the four-leaf clover and the qualities it personifies.

To support this campaign, musically talented creative VAS LEON searched for his favourite neo soul/R&B records and explained what it means to them, as a way of passing on their breadth of musical knowledge.

A record store provides the perfect setting for a campaign like this, as it is somewhat of a hub for music enthusiasts. There’s an odd silence paired with noise, while the creatives intently search for a special record, softly flicking through the many on display, while music booms from the speakers overhead.

Musical artist VAS LEON (@thisisvasleon) chose the record Promise, an album by Sade, where the song The Sweetest Taboo speaks to him on the importance of a journey. Vas Leon explained how the song itself embarks its own journey, beginning with percussion and later joined by instruments which couple together and build up to the introduction of Sade’s vocals. As the song goes on, different sounds merge to take you on a journey. Vas Leon believes that while songs and albums should both have journeys, the true importance of music is how it is used to express oneself and feel each other’s emotions and messages through song.

“When you hear a song for the first time, listening again will always bring you back to that space. This one brings me back to much, much, much younger me.” @thisisvasleon

VAS LEON’s commentaries suggest how music is used as a tool of expression and can transport you to different times and places. VAS is much like the four-leaf clover himself, and it is the celebration stories and talent such as his that the Patta x Converse Four-Leaf clover aims to uplift.

Throughout the campaign, the talented Walee (@waldroid) played an integral role in capturing the creatives process of selecting a record and discussing their musical knowledge. Through his photography, you can see the physical connection between sneakers and music. Walee said it was inspiring to see how their love for specific records influence their own artistic vision, and “getting to work on this campaign celebrating the connection between music and style has been an unforgettable experience.”

For myself, as a creative who spends almost all day and night listening to music, I appreciated how interviewing fellow members of the #offspringcommunity taught me more about the composition of music and key aspects of musical production. Furthermore, this was a fantastic opportunity to work on a campaign for brands I am very interested in, whose four-leaf concept for this shoe inspired me. The Offspring/Converse #springboard concept has been really useful for working on my own creative skills, such as interviewing and writing, and building my portfolio. I would definitely recommend other #offspringcommunity members to keep an eye out for more opportunities.

Words by Offspring Community member @_jasmintaylor

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