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Meet VAS LEON the social media influential rapper born in London

Meet VAS LEON, the social media influential rapper born and raised in London. Vas has had great success touring in the UK, Europe and the US, and has supported artists such as MTV, Brit & Grammy Award winning FatBoy Slim in Warehouse Project and Brixton O2 Arena.

So Vas tell us, why did you decide to become a recording artist? 

“Ahh… well I started writing poetry when I was around 15 and producing around that time. I always loved playing instruments so it’s always been in me, but as far as the career… 2010 / 2011. That’s when I said yup! I’m going to see what I can do with all this stuff I’m doing in my spare time. It hit 2012 and I decided to take it a lot more seriously, but with a break in between 2016 is where I came back and said, this is it, VAS LEON, this is me!”

Who and what inspired you to become who you are?  

“People like MJ and Common! But I’ve always wanted to do this since I was little, just never thought it would be possible. I didn’t think it would be this hard either, it’s crazy how you think once you get into a passion all your friends would ‘back’ you but in fact you start losing them. And that in itself inspired me further, giving me time and a platform to speak my mind and tell the world how I feel. I get to talk to people who believe in my craft, and they become my friends, my family, a community.”

What has been your highest achievement so far?

“A highlight so far would be supporting FatBoy Slim that was such an experience! Having a crowd who are there for an artist of a different genre but winning them over is an incredible feeling. I’ve been to many shows over the past year and seen so many crowds not gravitate towards the supporting artist simply because they came for that one person or band. Personally I think it’s a shame to see that especially when they’re really talented, but… it happens sometimes. But yes, the feeling, the energy, everything about it… it was an amazing experience and a great achievement.”

We saw your Krossover LP debuted no. 14 in the UK Hip Hop charts, what did that mean for your career? 

“This was a totally independent project, which I produced from start to finish. It’s a project explaining how I felt at the time as well as speaking for other people who are not able to or too afraid to ‘have a voice’. It’s very open, and heart felt. Especially, tracks like ‘Only Human’ which aren’t really done in the industry, and I wanted to bring awareness of things that people may face everyday or in their life. It meant a lot to have a body of work that isn’t your ‘typical’ music reach somewhere like that… It’s warming. 

The response meant more, how it changed lives, and people’s views on it. They couldn’t ‘compare’ it to another artist, and were playing it from start to finish through and through. That meant a lot. It also meant making a lot of fans in the way I wanted to.”

How is social media helping you promote your work?

“A lot really. I have a growing following on Twitter especially. Waiting on that Instagram verification though haha! On Facebook too! That’s where I put most of my videos and I get to share it with my friends easily. On Twitter I get to talk back to fans and supporters about anything really, and I also like to send a positive message to everyone out there every single day that I get a chance. Quotes, lessons and feelings. For me it’s important to read these messages, everyone wants to smile and feel good, so hopefully I can do the same for all the people that support me.”

What artists would you like to work with in the future? 

“Damian Marley would be amazing. Nas, Common, Ed Sheeran, Adele, Chronixx, Kendrick, Logic, Eminem, DEEE JAAAYYY KHALED! Yeah DJ Khaled, he has a good formula going right now. Gym Class Heros, That would be such an amazing one! The Weeknd, Bruno Mars 100%. And I want to bring back Slick Rick man – that would be so dope!”

And what about brands?

“Woooooooo! Supreme, Bape & Nike for sure. I mention Palace in one of my songs so you definitely know that’s one of them too. Can’t forget Adidas and BBC and finally a brand called Strideline who are dope (should be working with them soon actually).”

Anything else you would like to share…?

“Stages, out 6th October, make sure you check that out and pre-order it! Also check all my socials, and make sure you follow me on Twitter 100% and check out what I was talking about earlier! There’s loads I’d want to share so its best to come chat to me on any of my socials! Oh, also remember to stay positive and try to do something that will make you proud in a year! “VEEZIE!” haha.”

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