Fashot TV ‘Throwback’

Vas is an independent multi-talented London-based music artist, fashion designer and entrepreneur, particularly skilled in the areas of producing, rapping, singing and acting. After finishing university, he started working for ‘Lemonade Money Ltd’ production company; getting into brand creation and was also fuelled by working as a Freelance Presenter for Fashot.com. He grew to become heavily featured across many bloggers posts lead to further support from British Smoothie multi award-winning milkshake company Shaketastic (which he has his own milkshake named after him ‘The V.A.S. Shake’).

Spring Trends [1:25]

Essex Fashion Show [1:14]

Royal Wedding Part 1 [1:28]

Royal Wedding Part 2

Secret Styles (LOL) [2:09]

Read up here: https://www.fashot.tv/presenters

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